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How does sampling work?Updated 2 years ago

We provide samples of most of the hot sauces in stock at our stores. All samples are given on tasting spoons so you can get the full experience of the sauce’s flavor. If there’s a particular sauce you’re fired up about (see what we did there), you can ask the sommelier for a sample. 

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, that’s okay too! Just give the sommelier behind the tasting bar an idea of a heat level you want to start with, or any flavors you like/don’t like (think sweet, smokey, vinegar-forward, etc). The sommelier is there to help with a recommendation and to guide you through flavors and ingredients! 

In some cases, we don’t offer samples of more limited edition bottles because we like to make sure they get forever homes with that special person who’s dying to take them home. 😊  

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