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Can I skip or cancel an individual subscription delivery?Updated 2 years ago

Month-to-month Hot Ones Boxes: You can skip a delivery any time before the 11th of that month* by logging in and heading to the “Delivery Schedule” tab to skip: 

Or you can also click “Skip” in the reminder email we send you on the 9th.

*PLEASE NOTE: Once you have been charged on the 12th, you can't cancel or refund a payment via the management portal. Please contact us ASAP and we'll do our best to catch the order. 

Prepaid Monthly Hot Ones Boxes: If you have prepaid for a set of Hot Ones boxes, there is currently no way to skip one of those individual months via the customer portal. If there is an issue and you need to cancel shipments you have already prepaid for, please reach out to us

Year of Hot Ones Subscription: Because you're pre-paying to reserve 3 Hot Ones 10 Pack lineups in advance, please reach out to us if you need to cancel one of the deliveries. If you want to cancel the auto-renew so it doesn't renew for another year, log in here!  

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