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Do you have a referral program? How does Give a Sauce, Get a Sauce work?Updated 2 years ago

Have a friend who hasn't discovered HEATONIST yet? If you think they would like to join the spiciest Sauciety out there, you can refer a friend at our rewards page here.

 1) Sign up or sign in to your rewards account 

sign in

 2) Head to the "Give a Sauce, Get a Sauce" section

give a sauce get a sauce
 3) Enter your emailenter your email
 4) Then enter your friends' emails and hit send!enter friends' emails

Or if you prefer to text them, you can click copy link to copy and paste your unique referral link. Once they click through, they'll receive a code to use at check out.

If your friend hasn't ordered from us before and places an order over $40 using that code*, they'll get $10 off their first order and you'll get $10 worth of points once their order has shipped! So go on, share the heat.

*Please note due to the recurring nature of subscriptions, referral codes do not currently work for first time subscriptions. Please chat with us or email [email protected] with the code you received and the email of the friend who referred you, & we'll get you fixed up!

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