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I tried signing in but can't / it says I don't have an account...

First things first, please double check which email you've used for orders in the past. You may have been using a different email address at check out. Once you're sure the email address is the same, try resetting your password at our HEATONIST.com l

How do I reset my password?

First things first! Try resetting your password at the login page here: https://heatonist.com/account/login If you receive a message saying that you don’t have an account, it’s possible you might have checked out as a guest in the past. Don't worry,

How does HEATONIST's rewards program work?

Sign up for a HEATONIST.com account and become a member of the HEATONIST Sauciety community to start earning points! Everyone who signs up starts as a "HEATONIST" and can earn 1x points per dollar spent (shipping excluded). Once you earn enough point

Can I use multiple rewards codes at once?

Rewards codes/discounts cannot be stacked at this time.  If there is a site wide promo (i.e. free shipping on orders X dollar amount and above), which gets applied automatically at check out, that can be combined with a rewards code as long as the or

Help! My rewards code isn't working!

To redeem points towards rewards, you just have to log in to our HEATONIST Sauciety page here and choose the reward you'd like to receive. If you have redeemed for a reward and the code you received isn't working at check out, double check the charac

Why does it say I have "X" points?

Oops! It sounds like our rewards page is being a little slow to load. Sometimes this happens when the rewards page doesn't load the cookies properly to register the info specific to your account. Not to worry though, because your points are still the

How does the birthday reward work?

HEATONIST Sauciety birthday rewards kick in at the "Sauce-a-holics" tier, and are awarded on the birthday you enter in your rewards account info. To see if you qualify for a birthday bonus, check a) if you need additional points to level up to Sauce-

Do you have a referral program? How does Give a Sauce, Get a Sauce work?

Have a friend who hasn't discovered HEATONIST yet? If you think they would like to join the spiciest Sauciety out there, you can refer a friend at our rewards page here. Just sign in to your rewards account, head to the "Give a Sauce, Get a Sauce" se

How do I level up on my rewards account?

HEATONIST Sauciety tiers are earned the more sauce you consume, so be sure to #stayspicy! Everyone starts out as a HEATONIST and can work their way up. HEATONISTS - Starts by signing up, receive 1x points per dollar spent on sauce* SAUCE-A-HOLICS - S

It says I don’t have an account but I have a subscription?

It is possible to check out with a subscription as a guest! So you might not necessarily have a HEATONIST.com account if you receive our sub boxes. If you want to start logging in to view your order history, hit “create account” on the login page: h

Do rewards codes expire? Do points expire?

If you redeem points for a code, that code won’t expire - use it whenever! You can find it again under “Rewards History” when you log in. Other codes for limited-time promotions may expire. Unused rewards points will expire after a year of inactivity