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How do I cancel or edit my subscription?

If you've already set up the password for your account, you can manage your subscription by signing in through the page here. If you haven't set up your password yet, create an account using the same email you used to purchase the subscription.  

Once logged in, click "Edit" next to your subscription to: 

  • Update the address 
  • Skip a month - Also available on the "Delivery schedule" tab; to skip a delivery, click "Skip" to the right of that month (if the button updates to say "Unskip" it means you've successfully skipped that month)
  • Cancel completely
  • Change payment method - Or go to "Billing information" to update your payment method or the address associated with your card

Please note settings can only be changed for future shipments, so make sure to update before the 12th of the month (when subscriptions auto-renew). 

If you’ve already received an order confirmation for the month but need to cancel or update the address, please chat with us (widget in bottom right corner) or contact us to let us know ASAP.

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