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My sauce looks different!Updated 2 years ago

Because all of our sauces are all-natural and made in small batches, there is sometimes variation in the texture and color of each bottle. This is natural! 

Things that are natural: 

  • Separation - There are no gums or emulsifiers in these sauces, so a little separation is natural, especially for some of the oil-based sauces (like a homemade vinaigrette). Give the bottle a good, hard shake and it should come back together. 
  • Color variation - Peppers can vary in color between each pod, so each sauce can differ a little in shade and coloration. Like snowflakes, no two pepper pods are exactly the same! 
  • Thickness - Some of the hotter hot sauces can be pretty thick. This is due to the high pepper content. We don’t carry anything with extracts, so the super spicies can have up to 30-something peppers per bottle. Make sure to give these ones a nice, hard shake and then a whack on the bottom of the bottle (think ketchup) to get that sauce flowing. :)

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