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Our Hot Sauces | HEATONIST

Learn more about our hot sauces made with high quality, all-natural ingredients and no extracts, gums or artificial colorings or preservatives.

Are your hot sauces all-natural?

Here at HEATONIST, we work directly with awesome up-and-coming sauce makers to find sauces made with all-natural, responsibly-grown peppers and the freshest new flavor combinations. All the sauces on our site are made in small batches with no artific

Where can I find the Hot Ones lineup?

You can find the sauces we carry from the Hot Ones lineup at our Hot Ones page here! We carry nine out of the ten sauces (we only carry all-natural sauces without preservatives or extracts so no Da Bomb - check out this alternative).  Because we work

Where is Fiery Chipotle?

Hot Ones Fiery Chipotle was retired back in 2018, so it’s no longer being produced. If you’re looking to try something similar, Hot Ones Los Calientes and Hot Ones Los Calientes Rojo have since replaced it in the lineup! To read more about why Fiery

How do I sign up for stock notifications?

To sign up for stock updates on a specific sauce, you can go to the product page and click the gold "email when available" button on the left-hand side of the page. That way, you'll be notified the minute it comes back in stock. Working with small-ba

Are your hot sauces vegan / kosher / halal / gluten free?

Luckily, hot sauce is pretty easy to fit into a lot of different dietary lifestyles, so we do have quite a few sauces that are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, and more. We always include a list of ingredients and pictures of the label on each product

Should I refrigerate my hot sauce? How long does it last?

Here at HEATONIST HQ / our tasting room in Brooklyn, we keep all open sauces refrigerated. Refrigerated sauces will taste better longer and will usually last around 8 months after opening!  In general, the more vinegar-forward a sauce, the less refri

My sauce looks different!

Because all of our sauces are all-natural and made in small batches, there is sometimes variation in the texture and color of each bottle. This is natural!  Things that are natural:  Separation - There are no gums or emulsifiers in these sauces, so

Will you carry my hot sauce?

Here at HEATONIST we only carry items that do not contain any additives (like extracts or xanthan gum) or preservatives. If your products are in line with that ethos, we’d love to try your sauce for consideration! Please contact us with information a

Do you have a wholesale program?

Yes! We are starting to ship to Wholesale! If you'd like to discuss options for your retail store and are looking to purchase 200 cases (12 bottles/case) or more, please contact Suzy at [email protected].