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Where is Fiery Chipotle?Updated 2 years ago

Hot Ones Fiery Chipotle was retired back in 2018, so it’s no longer being produced. Head to this page to see which sauce replaced it and to learn more about why Fiery Chipotle was retired, check out our founder Noah’s response in his Reddit AMA here:

Wow I didn't think anyone would ask about this. Here goes:

The Fiery Chipotle sauce was developed as a collaboration with First We Feast, Heatonist, and Homeboys. The Heatonist team brainstormed and came up with the concept of doing a chipotle and fruit sauce. These were the flavors we saw people loving in our Brooklyn shop, but we hadn't seen them used together in a sauce yet and we wanted this sauce to be unique. I thought Homeboys would be the perfect partner to craft the sauce, and when I asked them they were stoked. Homeboy worked up some sample batches and came to NYC where we all sat down and tasted them and gave feedback on flavor and heat level and worked on the final product together.

Like people, companies change. As Homeboys grew and the relationships changed, we grew apart. Hey, it happens. Eventually I thought it was best to just move on. Once the three companies weren't partnering any more it didn't feel right to keep making the sauce - it wouldn't be authentic. Imagine Nike collaborating with Supreme on a sneaker and then after a while dropping Supreme from the name and still selling it. That wouldn't be right, right? The new team at Cutino Sauce Co didn't realize the collaborative aspect at first, but once we discussed they agreed that we should all move on to focus on creating amazing new sauces. Speaking of which, have you tried Los Calientes yet? : )

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